What’s in My Bag? – Harley Quinn

With the quick and violent rise of the villain fashionista set in our fair Gotham, more and more stylists are turning to our ladies of the crime for tips and advice on beauty, style, life hacks, and of course – men. Here, thanks to express permission from Arkham Asylum, I am able to approach theContinue reading “What’s in My Bag? – Harley Quinn”

Household Chore Wheel – For Adults

You’re an adult. Your significant other, roommate or live-in cousin? All adults. So why is it that there is still always a battle over dishes, trash, vacuuming – all the stuff we need to do to keep our pad cozy? Because if you can get away with not doing something and making someone else doContinue reading “Household Chore Wheel – For Adults”