Tentative Launch of Lions

This is the official launch of my new Blog, Introvertanista.  I myself am, though wrapped in some more outgoing tendencies, an introvert. Yet somehow, I find myself working in a high-profile company that essentially requires you to be overly social, to have a lite knowledge of current trends, and to constantly roll with the punches.Continue reading “Tentative Launch of Lions”

Losing Our View of the Stars

The promising shine cast by the “light pollution” of our ever-growing cities may snuff out future generations’ view of the stars. “The study says a truly dark, starry sky is unavailable to two-thirds of the world’s population, including 99 percent of people in the continental United States and Western Europe. The survey, conducted by scientistsContinue reading “Losing Our View of the Stars”

Deer Make-up w/What You Already Have

As is often the case, I found myself with a Halloween party to go to and no available costume I wasn’t already bored with. What can I say, I like a fresh idea! With a little creativity and some Pinterest stalking, I was able to put together an adorable deer costume with what I alreadyContinue reading “Deer Make-up w/What You Already Have”