Cacti, Corn on the Cob and Art in the Park

One of the better art festivals in area is Art in the Park in Boulder City. It also one of the largest juried art festivals in the Southwest. I haven’t been in close to 7 years, and not only did I make the arduous journey, I brought my husband and my chocolate lab Jedi. IContinue reading “Cacti, Corn on the Cob and Art in the Park”

The Rock Zanzibar

My pocketbook is a mean deterrent to traveling to the many places I’d love to go, but I find the world to fascinating not to have a daily mind-wander to faraway places. Today my brain and I hit up The Rock, a delightfully Neverland-ish seafood restaurant tucked in the middle of the Indian Ocean. ItContinue reading “The Rock Zanzibar”