Plato’s Closet

A colorful romp through perfectly categorized fashions in proper “rainbow” order (as I call it), almost makes you feel like you are in a sweet little boutique candy store. But you’re not – you’re in Plato’s Closet. A marvelous apparel thrift store that takes great care to populate their haven with only mindfully trendy, classic,Continue reading “Plato’s Closet”

Red: A Cosmetic Adventure.

In which I forge ahead into unknown territory, and stake my claim in a new land. One of bold new colorways and risky shades that I’ve never tried before.  I’ve never really worn much lipstick since I wasn’t the biggest fan of my smile. But with more and more to smile about these days, I turnContinue reading “Red: A Cosmetic Adventure.”

Castles of Snow: ICEHOTEL

I am fighting frantically in my closet to locate my coziest robe as the temperatures get a little frostier. The tile floor is more unsurpassable in each moment, and my toes are fairly irritated with me for wearing socks that they deem to be “insufficient”. When finally settled, I thought of what it must be like to dwellContinue reading “Castles of Snow: ICEHOTEL”