The Skinny on the Challenge

I’ve haunted Kendi Everyday’s blog for some time now – and I believe I now need to take action. Here’s an excerpt from her site on the 30 for 30 Challenge: “How to take the 30 for 30 challenge: 1. Take 30 items in your closet. 2. Make 30 outfits. If you’d like, give upContinue reading “The Skinny on the Challenge”

Accidental Adventure: Triceratops Hunt?

The unseen benefit to having instant access to a bank auctions? Life-size dinosaurs. This pleasant plant eater found a new home at our family cabin in Prescott, AZ. After being abandoned by her former owners, my dad picked her up at auction for a song, loaded her onto a trailer and relocated her to ourContinue reading “Accidental Adventure: Triceratops Hunt?”