Wine & Jewels: Day #17

Had a quick jaunt to a fancy jewelry party this Saturday afternoon. With an actual event to attend, thought I might dive into my 30 items and make it count. Wine, fabulous food, friends, and a wonderful array of necklaces and bracelets I got to parade arround in and pretend I could afford. Ruffle Top:Continue reading “Wine & Jewels: Day #17”

Chevrons & Leather: Day #15 & 16

Hurray! Half way through the Challenge!!! Overuse of exclamation points is totally legit. It’s getting a bit harder, odder and more challenging as we go into the last half. Right now I’ve got maybe 8 outfits lined up, and most will take some major stones to wear. Be strong, carry on. Day #15 finds meContinue reading “Chevrons & Leather: Day #15 & 16”

Wild Niche: Day #12 & #13

Pantries with built-in wine cellars and brick doorways a little wild for your taste? Well not for mine! After all the work we put in, I’m dropping in on my own kitchen for a new backdrop.  Almost halfway through the challenge and I realized I have only used 17 items! Not too shabby, helped by theContinue reading “Wild Niche: Day #12 & #13”

Business Casual, Rancher Style: Day #12

Long day planned on Friday, so to enable my half-in-dreamland self to get to the office by 6:45 a.m. I decided to kick it Rancher Style. I think I made that up just now, to me meaning that I am picking the most comfortable things I’ve got that still follow the rules and allow meContinue reading “Business Casual, Rancher Style: Day #12”