30 for 30 Day #6 Floral First

Made the executive decision to skip my weekends for the challenge, they consist mostly of sleeping in and throwing on cozy tees and jean shorts. Not so much with the stylized adventures there. Especially the dusty, under-construction world I live in right now. Granted in the eves I’m out and about but habitually running behindContinue reading “30 for 30 Day #6 Floral First”

Day #4 Fluffy & Wild

Another bright and curly day for me! I have a luncheon with a friend who hails from NY City and is always well put together and fancy, so I almost wore heels but comfort was calling. Slightly sheer sleeveless blouse with button front has cascading ruffles and a dainty neutral leopard print. It has hintsContinue reading “Day #4 Fluffy & Wild”

Outfit Write-up: Beach-side Arsenal

Anyone who says “you can’t have it all” has obviously never met you. Your world is a mess but your look is deliberate. A playful fedora is the first to greet your onlookers, and fashionably distressed shorts leave you properly armed for the beachside. Top it off with a soft heathered pullover and bright accessoriesContinue reading “Outfit Write-up: Beach-side Arsenal”

Day #2 Beyond a Plain White Tee

Today I was almost too tired to care…almost put on jeans and a plain white t-shirt. So I thought, using that as my foundation might not be such a bad idea. For Day #2 of the 30 for 30,  I don a cotton tee from Target,  lively satin shorts with a tonal floral print andContinue reading “Day #2 Beyond a Plain White Tee”