30 for 30 Day #12: Made For Walkin’

Oh yay, the blinding sun is back! I am using an “eyes closed” photo in honor of that…and also because I am doing that in almost every shot. This is a many-seasons-ago dress that I thrifted for a surprise event. I love the 70’s feel of the print and the draping. It’s also pretty lightweightContinue reading “30 for 30 Day #12: Made For Walkin’”

30 for 30 Day #11: Mint Condition

In light of the recent blessing of an overcast sky out here in the Vegas desert, I am appropriately squinting this morning.  I decided to make something light and airy the focus of my inspiration. I went with this drapey mint-colored tunic top with the braided collar from Banana Republic. I also washed my SUVContinue reading “30 for 30 Day #11: Mint Condition”

30 for 30 Day #10: The Presence of Polka Dots

Summer storms and BBQs dominated in a three day weekend that flew by like a lunch cut short. I spent a lot of time organizing (violently cleansing of useless junk) my closet and was pleasantly surprised with the difference it made this morning. Although I had not returned home until 2a.m. the previous eve, aContinue reading “30 for 30 Day #10: The Presence of Polka Dots”