Business Casual, Rancher Style: Day #12

Long day planned on Friday, so to enable my half-in-dreamland self to get to the office by 6:45 a.m. I decided to kick it Rancher Style. I think I made that up just now, to me meaning that I am picking the most comfortable things I’ve got that still follow the rules and allow meContinue reading “Business Casual, Rancher Style: Day #12”

Rain Dance Coordinator: Day #10

I was asked this morning if I could “help out later with a rain dance” – I can only assume it was a humorous stab at me because of my rad beaded belt, since I wasn’t carrying my typical rain staff. Suppose there really are people that coordinate those things? Today is a COMPLETE remix,Continue reading “Rain Dance Coordinator: Day #10”

Scarf Surrender: Day #9

Today not only did I try to pose all glamorous by a fire hydrant and a guard rail,  I donned my first scarf of the season! Both those things make me fancy. I went with this navy blue fitted jacket I picked up at a thrift store, over my electric turquoise top from Banana Republic.Continue reading “Scarf Surrender: Day #9”

Stealthy Stripes & Loyal Boots: Day #7-8

Got a little distracted Friday, what with a random free dinner and a crazy evening of line dancing with a friend who is leaving town for good. I use the term “dancing” loosely because I was just trying to exist and blend in on the dance floor and it only worked half the time. GiveContinue reading “Stealthy Stripes & Loyal Boots: Day #7-8”