Frisky Socks: Day #6

In a rare leaping of the shark this morn, I put socks on over my jeans. Don’t panic, I then put my boots over those. Whew, see? I decided to participate in the “tall socks under boots” trend, which I’ve never done before. Such a small thing, but it made me feel frisky to goContinue reading “Frisky Socks: Day #6”

Halloween Two-fer: Day # 4-5

I am many things. Alice in Wonderland and Catwoman among them. I decided to count my costumes for this Hallow’s Eve in my 30 for 30, purely because I was able to create them from things I already had in my closet! Observe: The Alice is my brides maid’s dress from my younger sister’s wedding,Continue reading “Halloween Two-fer: Day # 4-5”

Manic Monochromatic: Day #3

Today for the challenge, a little spin on the LBD. This one is borrowed from my friend Kelly, it is self belted, has epaulettes at the shoulders and cute little hand pockets. An unforgiving cold snap this morn forced me to turn to my grey tights, and to go with those I gave my pull-onContinue reading “Manic Monochromatic: Day #3”

Fireplace Ruffles: Day #2

This ended up looking like a photo shoot for my new fireplace, so be it. I love you fireplace, but stop stealing my thunder. I don’t have all that much thunder to begin with. Today I went with my Joie ruffle top, and since it’s loose I belted it with this awesome western leather beltContinue reading “Fireplace Ruffles: Day #2”