Mustard Leather: Day #1

Oh hey wind chill factor, thanks for coming to see me today! Sure enough the day I plan on wearing a skirt the cold takes its turn on my dance card. Yes, in this case forms of weather can dance. I forge ahead anyway to begin my 30 for 30 Challenge and wear this mustard-huedContinue reading “Mustard Leather: Day #1”

Fall Challenge: 30 for 30, Care to Join Us?

Can you handle the challenge? I’ve decided to embark upon another 30 for 30 Challenge, this one for Fall/Winter. This means new maddening adventures with choosing 30 items from my closet and using ONLY those items to create 30 different outfits. And this time, we are looking at some layering action, as it gets chillyContinue reading “Fall Challenge: 30 for 30, Care to Join Us?”

30 for 30 Challenge: Final Days

It is finally over! This weekend I powered through the last 3 outfits I needed to complete the challenge. One was a day-to-night where I was lazy enough to use the same top, but I really REALLY didn’t have time to do laundry or be creative. I was way too busy catching up on Dexter,Continue reading “30 for 30 Challenge: Final Days”

30 for 30 Challenge Day #27: Anti-Fizzle

Thrilled to be in the home stretch, the rest of my closet is feeling neglected and abandoned. Don’t worry, cute pink top, I shall dance with you soon. I just have to finish what I started. Not only have I learned a lot though this whole process, but it’s made me realize how many thingsContinue reading “30 for 30 Challenge Day #27: Anti-Fizzle”