Halloween Two-fer: Day # 4-5

I am many things. Alice in Wonderland and Catwoman among them. I decided to count my costumes for this Hallow’s Eve in my 30 for 30, purely because I was able to create them from things I already had in my closet! Observe: The Alice is my brides maid’s dress from my younger sister’s wedding,Continue reading “Halloween Two-fer: Day # 4-5”

Zappos Outfit Write-up: Cozy Chic

More Faux Fur! Keeping cozy in the burgeoning crisp fall weather is a cinch and a pleasure when you have the perfect pieces. A comfy cotton-blend jacket in a dazzling chevron with a playful touch of faux fur at the collar is an ideal start. This unique addition can kick any ensemble up a notch.Continue reading “Zappos Outfit Write-up: Cozy Chic”

Zappos Outfit Write-up: Bohemian Dream

The relative stillness of the evening gathering is broken by your arrival, in a stunning ensemble that is laid-back and chic. With the tender influence of nature in a soft vest and a darling fringed bag, you give the world a glimpse of a style that is a bohemian dream. A simple white top isContinue reading “Zappos Outfit Write-up: Bohemian Dream”