Mustard Leather: Day #1

Oh hey wind chill factor, thanks for coming to see me today! Sure enough the day I plan on wearing a skirt the cold takes its turn on my dance card. Yes, in this case forms of weather can dance.

I forge ahead anyway to begin my 30 for 30 Challenge and wear this mustard-hued skirt that I skillfully thrifted. It looks like leather but it is actually a delightfully lightweight fabric with a bit of sheen. A basic white blouse I will definitely be using later in the challenge, and I round it off with tights and my pirate boots. I eventually ditched the tights since they were really uncomfortable.

A little dollop of know-how for your kitchen, Click Here so Emeril can teach you how to make your own Mustard. BAM!!!


  1. Sara Sweeney says:

    Very cute! I love the recipe idea too. Looks like we’re all off and rolling. Go girls go!


    1. krystynfrye says:

      Yes! Exciting to be held accountable 🙂


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