About Introvertanista

I’d rather be in a pillow fort, but instead here I am. So you know what? Let’s order mimosas!

My name is Krystyn and I am a social, creative, new-world introvert.

I have all the classic hang-ups of a true introvert sandwiched in between the urge to have high-energy friends and get recognition (ahem, actual attention … eep) for the work I do and the things I am passionate about.

The people I work and wine (and whine) with have no idea that each and every time I open my mouth or put an idea out there – inside I am terrified and want to vanish. Even when what I have to say is correct, confident, and necessary. To get through the impasse, I have become a world-class practitioner of “Fake it till you make it.” I have also become adept at weighing the value of what has to be done, and reasoning with myself how much more that means than my present discomfort. That sounds simpler than it is. But you can do this, too, my fellow Introverts.

Thanks to my self-imposed, Best-Actress nomination, I have the below world experience under my belt despite nagging urges to flee social situations and minor panic attacks:

  • 7 years in the Financial Industry
  • 4+ years as a Marketing Specialist
  • 7+ as a Copywriter for many areas
  • 6+ working in Fashion/Online Retail
  • 33+ years as an Introvert

I CAN be an active, contributing project manager and lead who also has to lock herself in a room at the end of the week to recharge her energy.

I CAN be intensely interested in fashion and style in REAL ways, but not buy in on those perfectly-filtered and pre-setup and…faked-on-a-cool-girl-Instagram creations. Do you REALLY go and get Dunkin Donuts in a floppy felt hat? Eff that noise. I have a not-cool girl Instagram 🙂

I am deeply interested in making my personal and professional life a little easier, learning every day that human beings are complex. Getting the right tools to navigate your own complexities is the key.

This Introvertanista is:

❤ Style + a little shy

Boldly Creative + internalized

Wordsmith Life + silent

Love, Friends, Partayyys + perfect, locked-down alone time

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