Rain Dance Coordinator: Day #10

I was asked this morning if I could “help out later with a rain dance” – I can only assume it was a humorous stab at me because of my rad beaded belt, since I wasn’t carrying my typical rain staff. Suppose there really are people that coordinate those things? Today is a COMPLETE remix,Continue reading “Rain Dance Coordinator: Day #10”

Manic Monochromatic: Day #3

Today for the challenge, a little spin on the LBD. This one is borrowed from my friend Kelly, it is self belted, has epaulettes at the shoulders and cute little hand pockets. An unforgiving cold snap this morn forced me to turn to my grey tights, and to go with those I gave my pull-onContinue reading “Manic Monochromatic: Day #3”

30 for 30 Day # 9: Belts of a Feather

Huzzah for Friday! I’m going to Rihanna this weekend, hitting the poolside more than once and rocking the feather trend with gusto! I think it’s gusto I’ve got – may perhaps just be that mentally I’m already ten feet out the door and ordering a margarita. This little black dress is super comfortable. It’s somethingContinue reading “30 for 30 Day # 9: Belts of a Feather”