30 for 30 Challenge: Day #21-23 Comic Con Misadventures

Misadventures indeed. Transported myself on a nerdtastic sabbatical to Comic Con San Diego 2011 this weekend. To say it was a whole new world out there is putting it mildly. I am going to do a whole write-up on my Con experiences, the fans, the fun and the malfunction but for now I will linkContinue reading “30 for 30 Challenge: Day #21-23 Comic Con Misadventures”

30 for 30 Challenge Day #14: Wild Flora

Oh the joys of a skirt when it is a broiling oven outside. Sure it’s a cautionary tale when there’s wind battering you about, but the potential ventilation wins most of the time. To hopefully inspire cooler temps I went with my minty Banana Republic top (remix! woot), the floral skirt from H&M and aContinue reading “30 for 30 Challenge Day #14: Wild Flora”