30 for 30 Challenge Day #17: A Leopard Sleepy

Very sleepy. Must visit the coffee shop soon. Had to come in a bit early this morning, and in order to complete that mission not only did I have to resist the snooze button, I had to awaken the mighty Jason to snap a few pictures. Sorry hun. I’m  still not entirely sure he wasn’t sleep-photographing, because his sentences didn’t really make sense. Props to his subconscious for being able to operate an iPhone.

Today is a total remix. My fluffy sheer leopard top from one of my first few outfits, boot-cut dark jeans, Steve Madden wedges and my thrifted woven belt. It hadn’t occurred to me before to belt it but I’m supposed to be trying new things so bam. Done.

A candy treat for your eyes: A Sleeping Snow Leopard. So cute, yet majestic.

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