30 for 30 Day #18: Battle of Blues

Kind of lost my weekend, did lots of reading, writing and arithmetic…ok not so much arithmetic as watching Game of Thrones with Jason back to back. Was planning on doing laundry and preparing ahead for the rest of my 30 for 30 Challenge. That didn’t happen. Instead I was lost in a world where the threat “winter is coming” strikes fear in the weary hearts of children and men alike and White Walkers hunt the great wall with their glowing eyes of blue. That feared bold blue inspired me to do a little colorblocking with my green dress remixed from day #1.

Jedi wanted in on this one, I think he may be trying to take over my blog. I also remixed my comfy navy cardigan with the brass buttons and introduced my bright turquoise gladiator sandals.

My three-tiered stone bracelet(Sporadica Designs) and dangle star earrings finished off my homage to natural elements.

And a little buttered toast for your Brain: All About the Color Blue

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