30 for 30 Challenge Day #27: Anti-Fizzle

Thrilled to be in the home stretch, the rest of my closet is feeling neglected and abandoned. Don’t worry, cute pink top, I shall dance with you soon. I just have to finish what I started. Not only have I learned a lot though this whole process, but it’s made me realize how many things in my life I’ve started with good intentions but then let fizzle out. Well not anymore, this department is now anti-fizzle. Memo to follow. Also please note this was taken after my ladies and I ran 2.2 miles with our dogs and the swiftly showered and shipped off to work. Not too shabby.

My westerny (I wordified that) floral button down is happily remixed with my tiered fish-scale skirt. Not sure why I didn’t assemble this outfit before, I like the way the colors fit. And of course the Madden Girl wedges appear faithfully. Also playing today is the dangling star necklace from Sporadica and an antique piano ring from the 70’s that I rustled up at a flea market in New York.

For an onslaught on 70’s luster and all the mocking it commands, check out Plaid Stallions.


  1. Megan says:

    Love this outfit! It’s got a great vintage feel, and those shoes are awesome. 🙂


  2. krystynfrye says:

    Thanks Megan! Those Madden Girls are my pillar of strength.


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