Fall Challenge: 30 for 30, Care to Join Us?

Can you handle the challenge?

I’ve decided to embark upon another 30 for 30 Challenge, this one for Fall/Winter. This means new maddening adventures with choosing 30 items from my closet and using ONLY those items to create 30 different outfits. And this time, we are looking at some layering action, as it gets chilly even here in the high desert. Wondering what is considered the low desert…

Anyway, some rules:

  1. No repeating.
  2. No shopping.
  3. Be creative, get outside your comfort zone.

I don’t count shoes or accessories in my items, that just makes it unbearable. The idea is to use what you already have and put it together in new ways. I will be joined on this wayward adventure by my lovely friends Samantha and Sara (click to check out their respective blogs), and hopefully we can all stick with it.

You can see my previous 30 for 30 Challenge posts Here. Care to join us? It’s an enlightening experience.

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