Frisky Socks: Day #6

In a rare leaping of the shark this morn, I put socks on over my jeans. Don’t panic, I then put my boots over those. Whew, see? I decided to participate in the “tall socks under boots” trend, which I’ve never done before. Such a small thing, but it made me feel frisky to go outside my comfort zone. I thought it would be dark out here, but really it is a kaleidoscope of possibilities. And also some pollution, but that can’t be helped.

Parading out of the zone also in my Allen Allen leopard burnout top with a comfy relaxed fit, a super-soft black tank from Ann Taylor Loft and some classic Paris Blues skinny jeans. Yep, high frisk factor. What have you been wearing that’s making you frisky?

Mindless Bonus: Have a gander at one of my favorite sites of randomness: The Frisky.

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  1. Sara Sweeney says:

    Risk pays off – and a score for Krystyn Frye. Very cute!


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