Halloween Two-fer: Day # 4-5

I am many things. Alice in Wonderland and Catwoman among them. I decided to count my costumes for this Hallow’s Eve in my 30 for 30, purely because I was able to create them from things I already had in my closet! Observe:

The Alice is my brides maid’s dress from my younger sister’s wedding, a white lace jumpsuit under (yeah don’t ask) some striped knee-high tights and my Carlos Santana pumps. Then enter my Catwoman, black riding pants, a half-sleeve turtle neck and a bodice top over.

Today I’ve got some normal wear which includes my first remix, the white button-loop blouse. Add to that my thrifted cozy red cardigan, some classic blue jeans and my lucky star converse and you’ve got a happy me. A happy me in a day without heels. A must after three days of Halloween costumes.

Candy for your ears: Lucky Star by Madonna. Dance with your hands around your face, it is the only way.

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