Business Casual, Rancher Style: Day #12

Long day planned on Friday, so to enable my half-in-dreamland self to get to the office by 6:45 a.m. I decided to kick it Rancher Style. I think I made that up just now, to me meaning that I am picking the most comfortable things I’ve got that still follow the rules and allow me some freedom as I get my work done and clamor down the halls for yet another cup of coffee. Triple shot for me please, garcon.

Although comfy, this sweet little plaid blouse that I added to the 30 for 30 Challenge today is not a slacker in style. It is lined a little bit in the body so you can wear it alone, and it has the cutest ruffle detail at the button cuffs. I also added this electric-turquoise tank top from Gap, taking the color from one of the windowpane-plaid stripes in the blouse. Also lending a hand in the cattle roundup today are my black Jag bootcut jeans and the Payless boots that are becoming a staple.

I sort of wished I had a cowboy hat as a final flourish, but that might put poeple over the edge. And that early in the morning I don’t need anything squeezing my head, thank you.

Want a hat for your noggin? Check these out!

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