Punk Floral: Day #18

I decided that to make things even harder on myself, I should bring another pattern piece into my arsenal for the 3o for 30 Challenge. Hence the overly cheerful floral skirt you see today. This is actually from my more rigid banking days, when I would pair it with a collared shirt and blazer and help the customers. Help them count their money. Money that wasn’t mine. Yay.

Maybe to completely contrast the ladylike luster of the skirt, maybe to rebel against my conservative past, I turn to my leather stud belt again, and it brings the desired spirit of the remix. A bit of punk-style spice with a girly element. Bodyguards on duty today are my soft half-sleeve turtleneck used in a few outfits before and my faithful Guess Boots.

Peeking at punk? Here’s a wiki article on the evolution of Punk Style. Enjoy!

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