Jedi’s Christmas Wishlist

If Jedi could find the time in his busy box-destroying and frolicking schedule to make a gift list for the holidays, what would he ask for? 1) Woven octopus 2) The never-ending tennis ball loop 3) a pup-friendly iPhone 4) some time in the woods, ideal for stick gathering. 5) he loves his lobsters 6 & 7) tennis balls. lots of them, in any and all colors.

Jedi's Winter Wishlist



  1. mouzee99 says:

    I love the I-bone plush toy!


  2. krystynfrye says:

    Ha thanks! I think I’ll try to track one down for him 🙂


  3. Megan says:

    Haha, I love this post – so cute!

    Happy Holidays!!


    1. krystynfrye says:

      You too!


  4. Sara Sweeney says:

    So sweet, Jedi has a good mommy 🙂 Cute collage too!


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