Your Brights Are On

I was feeling overly summery last week with our shoe-melting heat waves, so I finally decided to actively participate in the new(old) super-bright color trend.

We all know that row of crayons that looks like they have been charged with electricity. Boasting names like:

Laser Lemon
Razzle Dazzle Rose
Shocking Pink
Neon Carrot

How can you resist?

Walking briskly through the isles, unable to settle on just one color and a steadfast budget to stick to, I finally settled on this little number. A tank dress in a candy stripe brings me an array of the colors I was hunting for, and pairs nicely with my golden sandals and a medium wash denim jacket. I will admit, right after this picture was taken, I abandoned my jacket and fled immediately inside to the bliss of the air-conditioned office.

Here’s a few ways to rock those bold hues:

Image from
Image from
Image from

Take a stab at it yourself, if you haven’t already. Feeling nervous? Buy a box of Crayola Crayons, spread out those colors and get to know them a bit, hold them up to things in your closet and dream up the possibilities.

Want to make some quick and easy art with those crayons after your adventure? Click here for a video how to for melting crayons on canvas.


  1. That dress is really pretty on you, love the colors!


    1. krystynfrye says:

      Awe thanks! It sure makes me feel peppy.


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