Tentative Launch of Lions

This is the official launch of my new Blog, Introvertanista.  I myself am, though wrapped in some more outgoing tendencies, an introvert. Yet somehow, I find myself working in a high-profile company that essentially requires you to be overly social, to have a lite knowledge of current trends, and to constantly roll with the punches.

The struggle is real – but manageable.

For me, such things are a huge adjustment, and require a level of “faking it” so no one wonders about the “quiet girl”, or labels me as stuck up because I am not necessarily always “on”. I have managed to do this and find a peaceful balance in my profession.

Being thrown into the world of apparel and trends of all types? I didn’t mind at all 🙂

I choose as my mascot of courage, the lion. More specifically, those majestic stone lions that sit outside of libraries or important buildings. I hope to take their noble energy into my everyday struggle and find a way out of it, so that what I fake now can become real.

The guys pictured though? They are the “party” library lions.

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