Don’t be modest?

I saw this image today on an Instagram I follow called @hashtag_equality . Empowering messages and hard-hitting topics are present there.


This statement struck me in particular, as over and over I hear conversations noting the way a woman might be dressed as a “reason” for something that happens to here, or a motivation for why something was said to her.

Does anyone actually think that a girl buttoned up from neck to ankle has more right to safety than one who is wearing a breezy crop top? Is it 2016 or 1916?

No matter what pieces of cloth, in whatever configuration a woman(or a man) wears, you still need to treat them with the respect of any human. Get with it, or get off this planet.

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  1. krystynfrye says:

    Testing – although I agree with you, Self. 🙂


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