Mindful at Lulu’s


I’ve decided to use the entire month of January to work on formatting my goals for the year. Makes a lot more sense than trying to jump start a plan for your whole life in one day and then wonder why you can’t stick to it 🙂  Although I do like the idea of choosing a single word to focus on, that isn’t quite enough for me. But I’ve nailed it down to what I am calling Areas of Discipline:

Areas of Discipline

One of the things I want to do more of, is taking some reflection time for myself, and on the regular.So today I took a break to come here to my favorite cafe, Lulu’s Bread & Breakfast. I’m eating a croissant, drinking a skinny mocha and watching the rain outside.

That is all part of being more mindful of what my {Heart and {Body} need. So for today’s actions I am giving myself a point for each.

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