Dance, Magic Dance.

In nine hours and twenty three minutes, I’ll be yours.

I haven’t really come to terms yet with the loss of David Bowie, whom I consider to be one of the few people on earth who may in fact be a wizard of some renown, if such a thing was real.

So briefly I want to touch on what his playful and iconic song “Magic Dance” from the 1980’s movie, The Labyrinth, meant to me.

Not only did his high-stacked wig, leather vest and tight leggings make him my very first romantic interest as a young girl (fictional characters were a very safe thing to like!), but I found myself pondering the conflict of good versus evil, as well as the fine line that could be between them. How could he be the villain, but still seem to be an object that Sarah desired? Maybe this prepared me for the “bad boy” phase most girls go through, and some never leave 🙂

The way Jim Henson’s creature shop was able to perfectly synchronize the Muppets to dance with him, ascend into the air, be tossed about – all of these masterful moves had me inspired enough to consider that maybe one day I would work on movie sets and create fantastic things for other kids to wonder about. I still think about that.

Below is a pulled YouTube video of the danciest of magic dances. Enjoy.

Slap your baby, make him freeeee!

Bowie’s Entire Discography




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