3 Comedy True Crime Podcasts You Have to Hear

Members of the true crime fan community no longer feel the need to hide this guilty pleasure. We are the curators of books, patchy T.V. shows, news stories and legends of real crimes. The draw of these stories isn’t really that morbid. To me they are the amazing recounting of the things that human beings are capable of, both terrible and amazing. They are a window into our delicate minds, and they are cautionary tales.

The newest addition in the harem of true crime media is the podcast. Podcasts have become a fantastic means to get work or basic tasks done, to walk or run, and still consume information, still enjoy some entertainment. This is the kind of multitasking I can really get behind.

Below are a few great podcasts that blend true crime and comedy. Not genres that should get along – but like my recently discovered toast topping of blue cheese and honey, they DO.

1.The Last Podcast on the Left



Once a week, this rag-tag group of buddies analyze the horrors of the world, whether they are real or not. They are a long format and a great listen.

2. The Dollop


Another crew of comedians – these bros take on bizarre and crazy historical tales, largely centered around true crimes old and new. It’s weird – and I like it.

3. My Favorite Murder

MY ALL-TIME FAVORITE. To date, I have listened to every single episode. Hosts Karen and Georgia are both comedians by trade, and that alone would make them worth a listen. But this podcast began through their own personal obsessions with true crime murder stories and their desire to share them with each other. They have merch, a private facebook group where we all share our “hometown murder stories”, and followers known as “Murderinos”.

They are the reason it now feels okay to be me, a girly who likes crazy crime stories : https://www.washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/my-favorite-murder-and-the-growing-acceptance-of-true-crime-entertainment/2017/05/07/7c9b53d8-2f71-11e7-9dec-764dc781686f_story.html?utm_term=.2c933e160837


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