10 and 2: Sunshine Polka Dot Dress

So I was supposed to be documenting the 10 and 2 challenge I took on a few weeks ago, until I realized that meant I would need to spend a lot of quality time in my closet. And much like a frazzled young girl scared of commitment, I just kind of avoided the issue andContinue reading “10 and 2: Sunshine Polka Dot Dress”

30 for 30 Challenge Day #24: Plaintiff Polka Dot

Dots of polka? A must, especially if I am to honor the challenge. I feel like I haven’t been remixing as much as I could be, but getting down to the wire I have less of a choice. So I literally closed my eyes and picked something from my go-to 30 for 30 section. LandedContinue reading “30 for 30 Challenge Day #24: Plaintiff Polka Dot”

30 for 30 Day #10: The Presence of Polka Dots

Summer storms and BBQs dominated in a three day weekend that flew by like a lunch cut short. I spent a lot of time organizing (violently cleansing of useless junk) my closet and was pleasantly surprised with the difference it made this morning. Although I had not returned home until 2a.m. the previous eve, aContinue reading “30 for 30 Day #10: The Presence of Polka Dots”