30 for 30 Challenge Day #24: Plaintiff Polka Dot

Dots of polka? A must, especially if I am to honor the challenge. I feel like I haven’t been remixing as much as I could be, but getting down to the wire I have less of a choice. So I literally closed my eyes and picked something from my go-to 30 for 30 section. Landed squarely on this polka dot top. “Nah” I thought, and this time I spun around for good measure. Still, I found myself holding this top again. Destiny spoke and the plaintiff in this case was going to be my polka print top that I secretly thrifted a few months back. You can’t fight destiny guys, sometimes it’s even in your closet.

The top is a little loose and my black belt was boring so I went with this red canvas one that I’ve had since HS. I enjoyed the pop of color it brought. Round it out with my Madden Girl wedges and some gold leaf jewelry and I hit the road. For the forty-five minute drive. Sadface.

A slice of pie for your closet: Assorted Polka Dot Dresses from Zappos.com

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