30 for 30 Challenge: Final Days

It is finally over! This weekend I powered through the last 3 outfits I needed to complete the challenge. One was a day-to-night where I was lazy enough to use the same top, but I really REALLY didn’t have time to do laundry or be creative. I was way too busy catching up on Dexter,Continue reading “30 for 30 Challenge: Final Days”

30 for 30 Challenge Day #26: Cut Short

So I says to myself I says, “Hey self, how about you stop whining about the heat and wear some shorts today?”. Great idea, Self. Especially since my bazaar rainbow farmer’s tan has abated and allowed me to wear shorts without harming others. I always try to think of the children. Last addition to theContinue reading “30 for 30 Challenge Day #26: Cut Short”

30 for 30 Challenge Day #25: Lovely Mistake

I refer a lot to the egg-frying heat out here in Vegas, and unfortunately for me I’m running low on unused options for the challenge so I had to turn to layers. I actually like the color scheme created when I pulled the plum top over my floral dress, it breathed new life into theContinue reading “30 for 30 Challenge Day #25: Lovely Mistake”

30 for 30 Challenge Day #24: Plaintiff Polka Dot

Dots of polka? A must, especially if I am to honor the challenge. I feel like I haven’t been remixing as much as I could be, but getting down to the wire I have less of a choice. So I literally closed my eyes and picked something from my go-to 30 for 30 section. LandedContinue reading “30 for 30 Challenge Day #24: Plaintiff Polka Dot”