30 for 30 Challenge: Final Days

It is finally over! This weekend I powered through the last 3 outfits I needed to complete the challenge. One was a day-to-night where I was lazy enough to use the same top, but I really REALLY didn’t have time to do laundry or be creative. I was way too busy catching up on Dexter, and wondering if compulsive serial killers with “dark passengers” have a defined fashion sense. I feel like they must, but what do you suppose are their summer go-to pieces? Surely it is the man-cardigan.

Day #28
Day #29
Day #30

I was making a weird face in Day #29 so I placed a heart there instead. No reason to look disgruntled, plenty of reasons to love.

It’s been a lovely adventure and I’ve learned many things about myself and my closet. Full montage to follow tomorrow, and until then a little weirdness for your ears:

Dexter Theme

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Modern introvert. Professional wordsmith with a focus on style and apparel for a major online retailer. Has moxie, will travel.

5 thoughts on “30 for 30 Challenge: Final Days

  1. Just found your blog 🙂

    Congrats on finishing! A 30 for 30 is definitely no small feat. Also, I love Dexter. I powered through every season this time last year and ALWAYS and the theme song stuck in my head.


    1. Thanks for visiting my blog Taimi!

      It is seriously an addiction and whenever I catch myself doing an internal monologue Dexter’s music plays in my head 🙂


  2. Congratulations on powering through your 30 for 30 challenge! Also, I have never seen Dexter but everyone keeps telling me I should. Now I’m getting more curious…


    1. Hey thanks! It wasn’t easy but it was fun.

      You really should pay a visit to Dexter, it’s bazaar, darkly amusing and pretty addicting. I think they stream season one on Netflix still.


      1. It even shows up in my psych textbooks, so clearly even school wants me to watch. (: I think I’ll have to check it out.


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