The Rock Zanzibar

My pocketbook is a mean deterrent to traveling to the many places I’d love to go, but I find the world to fascinating not to have a daily mind-wander to faraway places. Today my brain and I hit up The Rock, a delightfully Neverland-ish seafood restaurant tucked in the middle of the Indian Ocean. ItContinue reading “The Rock Zanzibar”

Corners of California: The Getty Museum

I’m a nerd of many disciplines, and art is one of them. I hinged most of my trip to L.A. on a visit to the renown Getty museum. I had only been there once before with a beau of years past, and I looked forward to walking through its stone splendor once more. The museumContinue reading “Corners of California: The Getty Museum”

Corners of California: Manhattan Beach

I recently took a long weekend trip to L.A. with my mom and all my sisters. No boys allowed. Thanks to the remarkably efficient planning and execution of said trip, we hit every single mark and I came back with over 350 photos of various travel flotsam and jetsam. Yikes. So I am going toContinue reading “Corners of California: Manhattan Beach”

Castles of Snow: ICEHOTEL

I am fighting frantically in my closet to locate my coziest robe as the temperatures get a little frostier. The tile floor is more unsurpassable in each moment, and my toes are fairly irritated with me for wearing socks that they deem to be “insufficient”. When finally settled, I thought of what it must be like to dwellContinue reading “Castles of Snow: ICEHOTEL”