Corners of California: The Getty Museum

I’m a nerd of many disciplines, and art is one of them. I hinged most of my trip to L.A. on a visit to the renown Getty museum. I had only been there once before with a beau of years past, and I looked forward to walking through its stone splendor once more.

The museum is free to enter, and thusly always crowded. The parking is where they get you, at $15 per car. So if you have a willing friend who can drop you off and the patient to wait for them to come back later and pick you up, you can keep this experience no-cost.

The Central Gardens, created by artist Robert Irwin, provided a delightful area to stroll or have lunch outside.

It would take a lengthy amount of time to address the plethora of treasures that The Getty holds. I did have a few favorites. The timeless pieces by Van Gogh, and the Gothic Grandeur: Manuscript Illumination exhibit that the history nerd in me was positively freaking over. I was also thrilled to learn that soon they will be “turning the pages”.

I was fairly parched while looking at this lovely Italian painting in hour two of our museum romp. I absent-mindedly pulled a water out of my bag and took a sip. A few seconds later, an angry whisper of “Ma’am, you need to put THAT drink, BACK in your back. Now.” Yep, one of the guards was creepin and decided I looked like I was going to…throw my beverage on a painting?

This architectural marvel boasts many disciplines of artwork from the Middle Ages to the present, and also some of the best views around.

The Getty Notes:

  • Go during the week if you can.
  • Bring snacks and drinks, but hide them in your bag in those “touchy” exhibits.
  • The guards will tell you if you can take non-flash photos. Don’t assume.
  • Plan to spend 3 hours or more there if you are any kind of art buff.

Their website is always up to date with new and upcoming exhibits, and even the nearby road construction. Check it out.


A giant list of California museums.

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4 thoughts on “Corners of California: The Getty Museum

  1. I love the Getty. The last time I was there I think I took some of the exact same pictures of the cacti and succulents. It’s also a classy place to eat lunch!


    1. I know…I must look suspicious because guards are always watching me carefully, like I might do something odd. You should take a walk in the garden there sometime! It is very soothing.


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