Day #4 Fluffy & Wild

Another bright and curly day for me! I have a luncheon with a friend who hails from NY City and is always well put together and fancy, so I almost wore heels but comfort was calling.

Pic by our homespun Gate that Jason welded himself.

Slightly sheer sleeveless blouse with button front has cascading ruffles and a dainty neutral leopard print. It has hints of mint greens and purples, which should be fun for later ensembles. Partnered it up with a light wash skinny jean and these sweet lotus sandals in white that I got at a street fair in Venice.

Only 4 days into the 30 for 30 Challenge and I’m feeling confident! I am positive Day 22 won’t be a fun one though. Also I really want a donut right now, but calories must be saved for Cafe Rio.

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  1. Big Sis says:

    Fabulous outfit! You’ll have no problem making 30 days. Work It!


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