30 for 30 Day # 9: Belts of a Feather

Huzzah for Friday! I’m going to Rihanna this weekend, hitting the poolside more than once and rocking the feather trend with gusto! I think it’s gusto I’ve got – may perhaps just be that mentally I’m already ten feet out the door and ordering a margarita. This little black dress is super comfortable. It’s somethingContinue reading “30 for 30 Day # 9: Belts of a Feather”

30 for 30 Day #8: Ruffles Abound

Glad I wore jeans and flats today, already I’ve had to run after Jedi, zip downstairs twice for java in the coffee shop, and dodge a smoke and strobe light nerf war at work. Did I mention I love it here at Zappos? So I’m going with my classic straight-leg jean, a black lace racerbackContinue reading “30 for 30 Day #8: Ruffles Abound”

30 for 30 Day #8 Sgt. Pepper Chic

We’ve already established that I heart military inspirations, and the Sgt. Pepper charm of this top was what first drew me to it. After a few washings though, the hem of the shirt became all wonky (is that a real word? spellchecker says it is so woot woot…wait it doesn’t like “woot”) and it wasContinue reading “30 for 30 Day #8 Sgt. Pepper Chic”

30 for 30 Day # 7: Anti-Tuesday

Can’t believe it’s only Tuesday. And what good has Tuesday ever done? It’s not the fancy beginning of a new week like Monday, not worthy of celebration like Friday and doesn’t even bring you hope of the end in the distance like Wednesday. Pulled what I could out of my closet to duplicate Kendi Everyday’sContinue reading “30 for 30 Day # 7: Anti-Tuesday”