30 for 30 Day #8 Sgt. Pepper Chic

We’ve already established that I heart military inspirations, and the Sgt. Pepper charm of this top was what first drew me to it. After a few washings though, the hem of the shirt became all wonky (is that a real word? spellchecker says it is so woot woot…wait it doesn’t like “woot”) and it was just hanging in perpetual loneliness in my closet.

Day # 8

In a fit of creativity, I elected to pair it with my high-waisted pencil skirt. This concealed the wonk factor but allowed siplay of the fun details of the top that I loved. Add the magical frivolity of the red satin Kenneth Cole pumps and BAM, Day # 8 done.

Sgt. Pepper zoom! Brass button city.

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