30 for 30 Day # 7: Anti-Tuesday

Can’t believe it’s only Tuesday. And what good has Tuesday ever done? It’s not the fancy beginning of a new week like Monday, not worthy of celebration like Friday and doesn’t even bring you hope of the end in the distance like Wednesday.

Pulled what I could out of my closet to duplicate Kendi Everyday’s look from a few days back. Diamond print v-neck from Banana Republic, brass-buttoned cardigan and pointy toe pink pumps were swiftly gathered in inspiration. On my list when the challenge is over are some casual boyfriend jeans.


  1. Tanya Kobaly says:


    Totally digging the blog. You look so retro with a 40’s flair. I LOVE the look on you! xoxoxo Miss you so much.

    P.S. Remember we are heading to NYC for my 40th in March.


    1. krystynfrye says:

      Yay thanks my Maid!!! Miss ya.


  2. Big Sis says:

    Hey Sister…looking great as usual. Love outfit today, very “krystyn”


    1. krystynfrye says:

      Thanks Michelle! Want to guest post?


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