30 for 30 Day #12: Made For Walkin’

Oh yay, the blinding sun is back! I am using an “eyes closed” photo in honor of that…and also because I am doing that in almost every shot.

This is a many-seasons-ago dress that I thrifted for a surprise event. I love the 70’s feel of the print and the draping. It’s also pretty lightweight so it will be a welcome companion in the paint-peeling 101 degrees it is reaching today.

Blink blink

Here’s one without the weird shut-eye look (don’t think it will catch on here, maybe in Canada).

The boots are one of my favorite pairs, largely in part to the double rows of buttons up the front. It’s like I’m ready for battle! They are actually Sketchers and the antique caramel color goes well with most things. Definitely “made for walkin” as the heels is pretty supportive, and I’ve worn them to more than one standing forever event. The ones that make you regret your shoe choice in the first five minutes.

And a little extra treat for your ears:

“These Boots Are Made For Walking” – Nancy Sinatra

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