Western Wednesday

Western Wednesday by krystynfrye featuring dark wash jeans Round these parts, a friend of mine has championed Western Wednesday at the office. It was originally begun, I believe, as an excuse to buy some fancy cowboy boots. But it has morphed into a rather enjoyable event where those who love plaid shirts can proudly donContinue reading “Western Wednesday”

My “Looking Down” Montage: What I Learned From 30 for 30 Challenge

The title of the post comes from my realization that in most of the photos I choose I am looking down. Possibly admiring my shoes, analyzing my hemlines or perhaps trying to determine if there are stress fractures in the cement. Here’s the thing, I usually end up choosing these photos because there are lessContinue reading “My “Looking Down” Montage: What I Learned From 30 for 30 Challenge”

30 for 30 Day #12: Made For Walkin’

Oh yay, the blinding sun is back! I am using an “eyes closed” photo in honor of that…and also because I am doing that in almost every shot. This is a many-seasons-ago dress that I thrifted for a surprise event. I love the 70’s feel of the print and the draping. It’s also pretty lightweightContinue reading “30 for 30 Day #12: Made For Walkin’”