My “Looking Down” Montage: What I Learned From 30 for 30 Challenge

The title of the post comes from my realization that in most of the photos I choose I am looking down. Possibly admiring my shoes, analyzing my hemlines or perhaps trying to determine if there are stress fractures in the cement. Here’s the thing, I usually end up choosing these photos because there are less issues with weird smiles, closed eyes etc. And more focus in the outfits! That is the point after all.

Well it is finally over! My 30 for 30 Challenge is complete. Below, my montage of outfits. What’s your fave? Least Fave?

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Here are some refreshing pillow mints of knowledge that I have picked up from undergoing this self-imposed challenge:

  1. Buttons! Things with buttons are good. Cardigans and button-downs can be worn open, closed, layered over tops, over dresses – you can see the mad crazy use I got out of these items.
  2. Rules foster creativity.
  3. You do need basics, but not as many as you think.
  4. Accessories and footwear can completely change your look.
  5. 9/10 wearing things you think are risky will actually bring you compliments galore. So take risks.
  6. There is always a way to make something work.

There are a lot more things I absorbed, but I don’t want to make this a super-extended post. My good friends Samantha and Sara will be wrapping up their challenges soon as well, take a gander at their progress!

And in spring…I’m doing it again! Who’s going to join me?


  1. Big Sis says:

    I loved this challenge. My favorites are the clothes in blue, you look great in that color! You inspired me to wear belts more often. You and Jason deserve a thumbs up on the house improvements, it’s great that the house is often featured as your photo backdrop.


  2. krystynfrye says:

    Awe thanks Michelle! Glad to inspire you. How’s about you join me in Spring? You don’t need to blog about it, just do it!!!!! It really is an eye opener.


  3. mouzee99 says:

    I really loved the outfit with the cool owl necklace, I agree that you look awesome in blue!


    1. krystynfrye says:

      Thank you my friend!!


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