Western Wednesday

Western Wednesday
Round these parts, a friend of mine has championed Western Wednesday at the office. It was originally begun, I believe, as an excuse to buy some fancy cowboy boots. But it has morphed into a rather enjoyable event where those who love plaid shirts can proudly don their threads, lovers of fine Western footwear can walk side by side and whoa boy, you better believe those cowboy hats come out.
I recommend you give it a try, since we all want to sport that over-the-top belt buckle now and then. You can find the items you need at retailers like Stetson or Zappos, or even at your local thrift store.
Look for:
  • REAL leather in neutral tones.
  • Denim that is distressed or has a worn-in look.
  • Bootcut. For obvious reasons.
  • Contrast topstitching.
  • Floral embroidery and tiered peasant skirts (for the ladies).
  • Snap-up fronts, not button ups.
  • Pointed back yokes on shirts.
  • Plaid prints on woven cotton.
  • If you’re going to buy used cowboy boots, know the haps on them and check for cracks. Also know that they will NOT stretch, the fit is what it is.
  • Spring for one key item, maybe a nicer hat or some fancy boots.

Here’s a snap of my Western Wednesday:

See there? I definitely can’t be tamed in that get up.

Pictured above:

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8 thoughts on “Western Wednesday

    1. Thanks guys! Yeah right after this I went and got another pair, Dingo is the brand, pretty fun. Do you own a pair?


  1. Just tried to comment on your previous 10 & 2 posts but the comments were closed 😦 Anywho, you looked great in the wrap top and halter dress, those two paired together are darling and the colors look great on you! I’m glad you’re keeping those 🙂


    1. Thanks again Megan! I need to fix the settings because I lovity-love getting comments. I already have some new ideas for the blue dress as well.


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