30 for 30 Challenge Day #15: Suburban Hardware

For more than a year Jason and I have been working on remodeling our house. We’ve come a long way – and that’s a whole separate post. Last evening I got to thinking about the costs of it all, how much we had spent on materials alone. Glancing at a box of nails that Jedi had recently distributed all over the still under-construction backyard, I wondered what we had forked over for these tiny pieces of hardware. Answer: A LOT. But the end result is spectacular. And so today I pulled inspiration from that and added to my arsenal this empire seam top with a bright lively pattern and a gorgeous detailing of hardware at the front.

To honor the 30 for 30 Challenge I have remixed my blue cardigan and Not Yn.our Daughter’s Jeans zipper cuff skinny cargos in a faded olive green. My little gray patent flats the I whisked up at DSW have a metallic knot embellishment on the top that reminds me of the Auryn from Never Ending Story.

Something extra for your ears: Never Ending Story – New Found Glory

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