30 for 30 Challenge Day #15: Suburban Hardware

For more than a year Jason and I have been working on remodeling our house. We’ve come a long way – and that’s a whole separate post. Last evening I got to thinking about the costs of it all, how much we had spent on materials alone. Glancing at a box of nails that JediContinue reading “30 for 30 Challenge Day #15: Suburban Hardware”

30 for 30 Day #11: Mint Condition

In light of the recent blessing of an overcast sky out here in the Vegas desert, I am appropriately squinting this morning.  I decided to make something light and airy the focus of my inspiration. I went with this drapey mint-colored tunic top with the braided collar from Banana Republic. I also washed my SUVContinue reading “30 for 30 Day #11: Mint Condition”