30 for 30 Day #11: Mint Condition

In light of the recent blessing of an overcast sky out here in the Vegas desert, I am appropriately squinting this morning.  I decided to make something light and airy the focus of my inspiration. I went with this drapey mint-colored tunic top with the braided collar from Banana Republic. I also washed my SUV in the hopes that this act of worship would bring more rain.

The skinny cargo pants are a set of Olive Not Your Daughter’s Jeans I got from a vendor. They are super high waisted which has great fit potential but also kind of limits the tops you can wear with them. They also have a zip-up detail on the inner cuffs which is kinda fun. The heels are Guess and I added them because the combo of the bold stripe and the mint green top made me think of those delicate little chocolate mint candies fancy home chefs make and then put in a glass bowl to show people just how fancy they are.

Braided Tunic Collar

And since the whole thing got me thinking of chocolates and mint, I bring a delightful bonus to this post! Click for a yummy homemade thin mint recipe.

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