Wild Niche: Day #12 & #13

Pantries with built-in wine cellars and brick doorways a little wild for your taste? Well not for mine! After all the work we put in, I’m dropping in on my own kitchen for a new backdrop.  Almost halfway through the challenge and I realized I have only used 17 items! Not too shabby, helped by theContinue reading “Wild Niche: Day #12 & #13”

Scarf Surrender: Day #9

Today not only did I try to pose all glamorous by a fire hydrant and a guard rail,  I donned my first scarf of the season! Both those things make me fancy. I went with this navy blue fitted jacket I picked up at a thrift store, over my electric turquoise top from Banana Republic.Continue reading “Scarf Surrender: Day #9”

30 for 30 Challenge Day #20: Kermit the Frog Here

Day #20 and I still have 4 items I can add to my outfit Rolodex. I decided to go for a new color in the mix since it seemed I have been mostly conjuring blues. Enter my woven diamond top that is a bright jewel-tone Kermit the Frog color. I instantly thought of him whenContinue reading “30 for 30 Challenge Day #20: Kermit the Frog Here”

30 for 30 Challenge Day #14: Wild Flora

Oh the joys of a skirt when it is a broiling oven outside. Sure it’s a cautionary tale when there’s wind battering you about, but the potential ventilation wins most of the time. To hopefully inspire cooler temps I went with my minty Banana Republic top (remix! woot), the floral skirt from H&M and aContinue reading “30 for 30 Challenge Day #14: Wild Flora”