Scarf Surrender: Day #9

Today not only did I try to pose all glamorous by a fire hydrant and a guard rail,  I donned my first scarf of the season! Both those things make me fancy.

I went with this navy blue fitted jacket I picked up at a thrift store, over my electric turquoise top from Banana Republic. The scarf was more of a pale turquoise with inlaid pink paisley design, and although I normally wouldn’t have paired all of that together, I did it anyway in the name of trying new things.

Finished off with a remix of my black Jag Jeans with rhinestone pockets, and the first day out of the stable for my tan riding boots.

Food for your Closet: How to Style Riding Boots enjoy!

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Modern introvert. Professional wordsmith with a focus on style and apparel for a major online retailer. Has moxie, will travel.

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